Journey to Heaven


I am going on a journey
To a place I long to go
A land that’s filled with angels
Where the peaceful valleys flow.

I have no need for luggage
So I plan to travel light
A first-class trip to heaven
It’s a non-returning flight.

There won’t be tears of sadness
Sweet blessings I will reap
A torch will burn eternal
And the soul doth never sleep.

I do not need an auto
There is no bus or train
My journey is predestined
And I won’t be back again.

No need for food or shelter
Everything I need is there
My home that lies in heaven
Is a joy beyond compare.

I am ready for my venture
Got the voucher in my hand
I’m bound for Zion glory
In that far-off distant land.

I am headed for that City
My flight was paid for me
To a land of peace and beauty
Just beyond the crystal sea.

I soon will have my ticket
There is no need to pack
On a one-way trip to heaven
And I won’t be coming back.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson


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