How to Date Successfully

date1Can't get a third date? Follow these instructions, and you'll soon be on your way to a fabulous social life!


  1. Don’t look at other women. Focus your attention on your date and make her feel as if she matters the most to you compared to other women. Let’s face it, women love to be showered with attention and pampered by her man.
  2. Make her feel like a queen. On the first date, buy her dinner to show you value her company. This will also reduce any tension between two people meeting for the first time. Make her feel special. Women find this absolutely irresistible. Build a bond of fun and excitement between you and be romantic. Subsequently, you can buy her gifts when the relationship progresses but never ask or even hint sexual favors in return.
  3. Be yourself. Don’t exaggerate or boast about your credentials, successes, etc. Make her feel at home so that she does not feel pressured to impress or lie to you. Sincerity is the best policy. Nobody feels more comfortable than around people who are genuine and sincere.
  4. Don't ever talk about your past relationships. At least, don't keep harping on them. This is a no-no and a sure turn-off. You will only project the impression that you are unable to let go and continue to give a present date a chance to get to know you better in a positive manner.
  5. Treat your first date as if going for an “interview‿. You want to impress and let the other person see the qualities and characteristics you have as a life partner. If you are not ready to be in a committed relationship, let her know straight away so that you do not give her false hope. Remember, you can communicate most effectively with women through personal style and confidence,not exaggerations and bragging.
  6. Don’t keep splurging and living like a millionaire unless you are one yourself. During the dating process, be careful how you handle money and spend within your own capacity. You don’t want a bank account of only 1 figure left after several dates. If you cannot afford it, go for somewhere cheaper or try less expensive alternatives. It is most undesirable if after several dates, you find that both of you are almost broke or worse, had to borrow to continue your lavish lifestyle. If your partner is in a habit of borrowing money from you, drop her or him immediately.
  7. Be observant. After dating for a while, you will be able to determine if this person is suitable for you for life or not. During dating, keep both eyes wide open and look for warning signs, but as things begin to get more serious, be ready and willing to forgive certain things.


  • Holding serious conversations is perfectly okay. But do not forget to add a spark of humor to your conversations. Humor can create a stronger bond of friendship between you two. It is also great to crack romantic jokes, as it brings up the possibility of what might happen between the two of you.
  • The best time to date is during high school or your undergraduate years as you are young with no "life baggage", but you can also date if you are single again. Marriage is meant to last for better or for worse till death do us part. Enjoy dating while you can and live life to the fullest.
  • No need to go to expensive cafes or restaurants when you cannot afford it. A romantic picnic on the beach at night or just a walk around her favorite shopping complex can pave way for ice-breaking friendly conversations.
  • If you have a problem on how to jump-start a good conversation, try to ask questions first.


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