A Strange Guest ( Short Ghost Story)

Written by Mr. Ly Kosal

និពន្ធដោយៈ​​ ​លោក លី កុសល

My name is Maradi. I was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There are four people in my family; they are my parents, my younger sister and me. We are living in one Villa near the Royal Palace.

Up to now, I am the fourth year university student at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. And I never believe in Ghost. Never in my life have I met Ghost. Until one night on March 20, 1998, while laying on my bed in my room, I head a noise coming from another room downstair. I believed what I had heard was a footstep. It was unusual to hear the footstep in the middle of the night as my parents and sister went to bed many hours ago.

I, later, decided to go downstair and see who made the sound. When I was downstair, I head the noise coming from the kitchen; I made up my mind to walk slowly and quietly toward the kitchen. As soon as I opened the door, I felt very frightened and my hair went straight. U know what I saw? I saw a man in the kitchen cooking. Without doubt, he must be the thief… but I could not understand why he was cooking in the kitchen while he should have done anything like searching for any valuable things.

He seemed to take no notice of me. Later, just another step of my foot, he turned his head and saw me…. He then screamed "Help Help…." Suprisingly and confusingly, I too shouted "Help Help! Theif!"… my tremble loud sounds was strong enough to wake my parents and my sister. They soon hurriedly came downstair with the pale look in thier faces. "What's happening?" asked my father. "Thief" I told him. But then, when I pointed my hand to the place where the man was cooking, my hair was even more straight… "How come? where is he gone?" I cried. There was neither another doors nor the windows in the kitchen…except the only door which I was standing near by. My face turned pale… and I could feel my body shiver. I tried to explain what had happened to my parents. They did not hear anything except my loud scream. After all, they just comforted me and led me to my bedroom.

Feeling my body still shivering, I thought to myself "What exactly did I see? A man or a ghost? or just my imagination" I kept asking myself till I later fell into a sleep.

Hearing my alarm clock ringing, I woke up. It was a good day. After having a shower, brushing my teeth and doing anything like u all doing every morning, I went downstair to have my little breakfast before going to school.

Then, my eyes and mouth open widely with curiosity and fear as I saw him again. He now was eating his breakfast and sitting on my chair. Holding my breath, this time, I did not shout but I try to reach him secretly. I believed he took no notice of me when I was approaching him. When I was near him, I asked him "Who are you? What are you doing here?" Then, he turned to me with a look of his face I could tell that it was a pale face, he screamed and shouted "Help Help"… He said "Go away from me….leave me alone" and suddently, he seemed to try to run away…..but then I was completly shock as I could see he was running through my body. I then felt completely frightened as I believe he must be a ghost!!!

An instance of fear, suprise and shock made me stand still and did not know where he was going or disappearing.

I tried again to explain everything to my parents and my sister that I had seen a ghost. It was a man whom i saw last night. "Ghost! you must be kidding" exclaimed my sister. No matter how I explained, I could tell from the look of thier faces that they did not believe it.

I believed I saw a GHOST! Do you think so?





March 8, 1998

Four members of the family in a Villa near the Royal palace was found dead in the house in the morning. After investigation, they are believed to be eating poisonous fish during thier dinner. ………………………


March 17, 1998

The Villa whose every member were found dead as a result of eating poisonous fish was sold to a rich man. And…………



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