One year has passed in Tokyo

គិតៗទៅ អត់ទាន់បានធ្វើអីម៉ាអេះផង អស់ម៉ាឆ្នាំលេង…គ្នានដឹងខ្យល់អីសោះ។

ហើយបើនិយាយពីអាភាសាជប៉ុនស្អីគេហ្នឹង ទើបតែរៀនបានចេះគ្រាន់បើបន្តិច ដល់

ពេលវ៉ាកងល្មម ភ្លេចវិញដដែល…​យីអើ!! អញ្ចឹងបានថា… រៀនអត់ចេះអីសោះ…

បើនិយាយពីអាលុយប៊ួកហ្នឹងវិញ គិតៗទៅច្រើនក្រែលដែលហ្នឹង ម៉ាខែចង់

១៦០០​ ដុល្លាអុយអេសអែហ្នោះ…តែមិនដឹងជាយ៉ាងមិចបានចាយមិនដែលសល់ ចាយ


អូ!!​ ភ្លេច!​​ សុំទ្រីទៅដុះធ្េមញសិន ទើបងឹបពីគេង…

បាយ បាយ

looking at my room, I can see lots of things… I cannot imagine when I am soon burried my self with lots of things in my small room…. 😀


Leaning my head out of my windows and looking at the left side, I can see a sakura tree full of beautiful white flowers.


Then, looking at the right side, I can see the a temples and trees.


Then, turning my head toward the right side of my room, I can see all of my favorite and lovely things such things as TV, DVD players, PC, Speaker, PlayStations, Plant, Lamp, and my books


Turning my head a little bit to the left side, I can see fulls of documents to read together with my lovely Nikka Whisky.

And turning around the room, I can see many things showed in below photo





And last, my lovely Ipod… 😉



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