To my readers

Have u ever wondered why almost all of Cambodian children including me always draw the picture of the landscape such things as mountains, river, house, plam trees, birds and so on?

Why dont they draw something else?




5 thoughts on “Drawing

  1. To me, I’m not suprised that most people including me always draw mountains, shining sun, road and river, but what I do wonder is that most people always draw the sun shining between the two mountains like you. Is it instinctive?

  2. i grew up in India and we all used to do similar sceneries including the sun peeping out from between two hills 😀 I think it must’ve been because were taught by our teachers to this to learn – triangels and circles and squares. I think you’ll find this common amongst the children world over. Even now they say that if you learn the basic shapes of triangle, cylinder and cube you can learn to draw anything!

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