Microsoft’s ”Get Ready” site provides system specs for Vista

 REDMOND, WA.: Microsoft is making sure its new operating system – Vista – remains in the news between test versions. Yesterday the software giant announced the launch of a site dedicated to preparing consumers who plan to install its new operating system when it will be available early next year. The site called 'Windows Vista: Get Ready' offers users comprehensive guidance on system specifications to make sure Vista performs at optimum level.

The site provides detailed information about what is required to install the new O/S and also helps users to choose the right edition. When ready for release, the O/S will be available in five different editions.
Two of these will be targeted at business users. Of the remaining three, one will be a basic version meant for home computers, one Home Premium edition for those who want to get the most – whether it is computing or entertainment – out of their home computers. The fifth edition – the Vista Ultimate, as the name suggests will provide the best of everything that users expect from a computer, including mobility – making sure notebook PC users also get the maximum out of it.

The site also explains the system specs required, either for upgrading or to configure a new system that can run the O/S. Of the prospective users, those who plan to buy a new PC are provided details of Vista capable PCs with helpful footnotes. PCs will now bear logos indicating that they are 'Windows Capable PC'. The company has promised to also release the higher end 'Premium ready PCs' that run Windows Aero. Premium ready requirements may include additional hardware.

For those planning to avoid additional investment, the site provides a Windows Vista Upgrade beta test tool to see if their existing systems are already Vista-capable. This downloadable upgrade advisor can be run through current XP-based systems; it will scan through the computer and provide a simple report indicating whether the system is Vista-ready or not.

Some editions of the new operating system will be available by early 2007 although analysts speculate about a possible delay saying consumer versions may arrive in the stores much later than the company promises.

Readers interested in more details can log on to:


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