Those who forget about history or past are condemned to repeat it….

 And, I will not repeat it….again



5 thoughts on “History

  1. Words Tune, Iv Huot.
    I can’t read it, I know only French and English.
    I would appreciate if someone could give me information about this author. This is history that I remember.
    I hope you will help me. Thank you.

    I like this site very much. Please, write more stories.

  2. I just wanted to know who was Iv Huot, the author of “Words Tune”.
    I have heard of Iv Huot, student in Paris in Political Sciences during the 60’s. Is it this same gentleman?
    I was asking if you knew some about his biography.
    I would like to read his book, unfortunately I read only French and English, it doesn’t seem to have a French version.

    I’m glad I found your site, it is very interesting.

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