People trained to say “I Love You”

BEIJING, May 12 — Is it necessary to be trained to say “I Love You”?

Guangzhou Daily reports that a consultant agency in southern China’s Zhongshan city has launched a training course on relationships, charging 200 yuan per hour. The advertisement release claimed that people are finding it hard to find true love in modern society, and lack the necessary skills for getting along with those they fancy.

The relationship training course can offer skills in how to express one’s love and to communicate with one’s love objects – with the correct timing.

Mr. Liu from the consultant agency said that he had successfully dealt with many cases through marriage consultancy, so later he came up with the idea of opening a training course on fledgling relationships. “In theory, everyone knows how to date, but many ignore certain details and skills.”

He told Guangzhou Daily that the course often charges 200 per hour, though the final fee will depend on the outcome of events following the consultation.

Since the new service launched, many citizens have called to ask about details. Most of them are white-collars, who have busy work schedules and high incomes, and are often single.

Citizens have offered positive and negative feedback towards the training course.

Mr. Zhang, an administrative officer, acknowledged that relationships indeed require skills. “Many men feel awkward about expressing their emotions when chasing their favorite girls, allowing those same girls to choose others. If they were to obtain relationship skills sufficient to overcome these psychological obstacles, it would be easier for them to grab their true love.”

However, Mr. Lu, a middle school teacher thought that it is unnecessary to attend any training course on relationships. Love requires true feelings and emotions, despite the fact that training offers some skills, skills alone are not really helpful to cementing real relationships.

Professor Ma Zheng said that love requires some experiences and skills, as well as physical and mental knowledge. However, relationships vary. He added that this one-by-one training course on relationships also needs further consideration in how to protect customers’ privacy.



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