Survey: 40% Hong Kong parents have no family time

BEIJING, May 12 — A recent survey conducted by The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong reveals that about 40 percent of parents in Hong Kong are too busy with their overtime work to take care of their families, or to take part in family activities.    According to media in Hong Kong, the survey lasted from last November to this January, and 1553 families were included.

    This survey shows that more than 67 percent parents are “often” working overtime, and this is far more common among fathers. And 38 percent of parents feel exhausted after work and have no time or energy to enjoy themselves with their family members.

    About half of the children claimed that they cannot turn to their parents when encountering with problems, and nearly 30 percent complain that their parents do not know what they really need.

    Nearly half of the children surveyed regard their parents as “unreliable”.

    Liu Yuqiong, an assistant professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong said that working parents — and especially fathers — are under great pressure to balance affairs between work and family.



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