Aspirin may reduce pregnancy problems

BEIJING, May 17 (Xinhuanet) — Taking aspirin may reduce risk of giving birth prematurely and of potentially fatal complications for mothers-to-be, according to a research published in The Lancet journal on Thurdsay.

    Pre-eclampsia is marked by a sudden increase in blood pressure after 20 weeks and can be fatal to the mother and baby.

    The study of more than 32,000 births found that the risks of pre-eclampsia fell by 10 percent in those women taking aspirin or other anti-platelet drugs.

    The risk of giving birth before 34 weeks or having a pregnancy with a “severe adverse outcome” fell by the same amount, according to the research.

    Lelia Duley, professor of obstetric epidemiology at the University of Leeds, and Lisa Askie, of the University of Sydney, combined the results of 31 studies to produce the largest and most detailed study to date.

    U.S. experts commenting on the research say aspirin use would be best reserved for high-risk women who have had pre-eclampsia before, and not recommended for all.

    “It is something that pregnant women who are at high risk of pre-eclampsia should discuss with their obstetrician, doctor or midwife,” Duley said.


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