Recommended cell phone charging time misleading

BEIJING, May 19 — When charging the batteries of your newly bought cell phones or digital cameras for the first time, do you always charge them for at least 15 hours because the instructions tell you it will extend the life span of your batteries? Well, this advice actually misleads consumers.

    Shanghai’s famous home appliance expert Luo Renxiao told the Xinmin Evening News that if people charge their batteries for too long at a time, they will accelerate the speed with which the battery enters a stable state, which in fact speeds up the aging process.

    He suggested 2 to 3 hours is an appropriate length of time when you charge your batteries for the first time.

    He also said that some manufacturers claim that batteries can memorize electrical quantity, therefore, the first-time charge aims to maximize the space for a battery to hold electricity, and the amount of electricity will decrease gradually from the maximum amount in the following recharges. But Luo Renxiao said that this is not the case because most of the digital products on sale at present use lithium batteries, which have no memory.

    He also recommended people use original cell phone batteries and chargers instead of imitation ones, as they help the phone to work in its optimum state.



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