North Korea’s Missile Hits The Moon??


By Author, Associated Press Writer.NORTH KOREA – The world thought that North Korea didn’t have the nuclear firepower to hit Japan let alone the moon. They were wrong.

At approximately 11:20 P.M. EST North Korea changed the world forever. Using an advanced space missile that the world has yet to even wrap their mind around, the North Koreans showed of their firepower to the world by hitting the moon.

The launch point of the missile remains unknown although an anonymous source says the government thinks it is Nampo, North Korea.

Preliminary estimates put the explosive power of the nuclear bomb at 10,000 that of the one dropped on Hiroshima.

“This has been the most powerful bomb exploded to date,” stated nuclear weapons expert Noah Cain, “and capable of destroying the entire state of Rhode Island.”

As of 11:30 PM EST the Bush Administration was not available for comment on the explosion, although Jeckma Uji, an aide to the President says the government is still waiting for a response from North Korea.

John Canterbury, a resident of Los Angeles, California, was reported saying, “I was looking at the moon through my telescope when suddenly a huge fiery cloud appeared. I ran inside to pray thinking the world was going to end.”

Experts are saying that the amount of debris and radiation that will reach earth as a result of the explosion will be minimal. However, long term effect of the explosion are yet unknown. Many scientists are saying that the bomb, regardless of its size was unable to change the moons orbit.

An anonymous scientists, however, is expressing his concerns stating, “it [the bomb] could have altered the moon’s orbit by a fraction of an inch which over the course of a couple centuries might cause the moon to crash into Earth.”

It is unknown whether North Korea has a second missile with similar capabilities and how the world will respond if it does.


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