Apple boosts iPhone battery life


From Times Staff and Wire Reports

June 19, 2007

Apple Inc. said the battery on its iPhone mobile device would let users talk three hours longer than planned, raising prospects of a successful debut next week.

The battery will provide as much as eight hours of talk time on one charge, more than rival phones, Apple said.

The iPhone, a combination mobile phone and iPod media player that will cost as much as $599, also offers six hours of Internet use, seven hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback.


3 thoughts on “Apple boosts iPhone battery life

  1. This addresses one of the major issues about the phone. Everyone was speculating about the limited battery life the device should have considering it’s display, interface and bluetooth/wifi (and other functionality).

    This battery life (if the phone can actually live up to the spec) is comparable, if not superior, to most high class smart phones on the market right now.

    One of the last remaining doubts that I personally had about the phone was it’s battery life. Now that has been cleared up, I am almost decided to get one.

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